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Sending a Professional Email

In today’s realm of social distancing, we are relying more now on email than ever before to communicate. A few etiquette tips to remember:

  • Never forget a subject line – Keep it concise and to the point. You will be able to reference it in the future, and it is the first thing the recipient sees.

  • Although it may seem out of date – Use Dear “Mr. Smith” especially if you are sending a professional email. But what about Hey, or Hi There! These should only be used if you know the person receiving the email on a friendship level. What about if you do not have a name or title of someone you are reaching out to? Your best bet would be Good Morning/Evening, or even Dear Sir/Madam. Try to remember the following: “It’s always better to be overdressed. You can always take off the pearls or the tie.”

  • Start with something a little personal – Even something brief like, "I hope this email finds you and your family well." This shows so much politeness on your part, and is a great way to ease into your message.

  • Remember to Introduce yourself – If this is your first time reaching out to someone, include your name and a little about yourself.

  • Stay on topic – So important. Be brief but remember to include what you need to discuss.

  • Conclude with what you are looking for – Use sentences like “I look forward to hearing from you/working with you/setting up a time to meet and discuss.”

  • Remember the most important words – thank you! – Show your gratitude for them reading your email. A simple thank you goes a long way.

  • In closing - Your closing is just as important as your opening – make it yours – Sincerely, Yours Truly, Best Wishes, Kindest Regards, Best Regards, etc. Remember to include all your contact information after your name: phone number and email address.

  • Be sure to proofread – Before pressing send, reread your email and then reread it again to be sure no information is missing and there are no typos.

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