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Our Focus

The main focus of Piedmont Cotillions is to encourage young people to become confident and to build self esteem. Our program introduces the importance of social graces such as going through a receiving line, making proper introductions, learning to converse comfortably with adults and peers, dining etiquette, inviting another to dance, practicing good social networking skills, RSVP's and much more. 


Friendship is very important to young people, but social interaction at that age is not always easy. All young people want to feel accepted, but shyness and nervousness among their peers may keep them from being socially comfortable. This program helps students present themselves with dignity and shows them how to be at ease with adults and with friends in all social situations.

Ballroom Dance

This is a continuing program and every year it builds on the growth of the previous years. The curriculum changes with the level of maturity. The seventh and eighth graders may review the Foxtrot while adding additional steps. The Cha-cha might be replaced by a new Latin American dance such as the Mambo or the Tango. Of course, each year general ballroom etiquette is thoroughly reviewed.

Come Join Us!

It is our belief that young people who practice proper etiquette from an early age will always feel socially secure, and those who learn to dance will love it for the rest of their lives! Enroll today!

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