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Piedmont Cotillions Fall 2020 Update

And so, I've spent the large part of the past few weeks struggling. Struggling on how to accept what I can for now and make it work. The pandemic, my family, my business, and my elderly mom. All on my mind every single day! What’s best for all considered? In the words of this week’s Maria Shriver’s “I’ve Been Thinking” there is no handbook for life or for what we are dealing with in our day to day lives. We are all struggling in one way or another.

I, like many others, anxiously awaited the Governor’s school opening plan. I could say that announcement was about as clear as mud. I reached out to committee members, assistants, and students for their thoughts. I reached out to my family for a brainstorming session. I went to the beach – it was very peaceful, but I found no more answers there. I spent time researching a Covid 19 release form for folks to sign. The wording was dismal and very uncomfortable. I quickly realized I would never sign it myself on behalf of my child or my family. I realized I cannot please everyone, but for my safety, my family’s safety, my student’s safety and their family’s safety, I must err on the side of caution.

And so, in person cotillion classes for this fall will be rescheduled for Spring 2021! And hopefully, we will have a better, safer world at that time. We may even have a vaccine. The dates will be up and running soon for Spring sessions at Sedgefield, Cary, and Winston Salem. It may be tricky due to add more to my already existing cotillions at one time and only one pair of dancing legs. However, tired feet always make for a warm heart. We will work around everyone’s spring break, and may be still wearing masks, six feet apart, but together in our goals!

In the meantime, we will offer fall zoom classes for Sedgefield, Cary and Winston Salem. These classes will be of limited size and meet once a week for five weeks to review how to make introductions and conversation, social media and table etiquette, and more. We will try to make these classes balanced between grades and gender. We will take time to discuss manners and how to make them work in the stresses of the pandemic. We will offer alternatives to meeting in person, and how to stay safe and still have fun.

Details of the zoom classes will be made via an announcement on our Facebook page and via emails. We will have fun learning, and I truly believe this will be a break from online school and still a wonderful learning experience. We may even meet outside a few times for line dances. All of this is new to me, so please be patient. We will be back to normal soon (whatever that may be), and remember in the words of Luke Combs – “there will be light after dark, someday when we aren’t six feet apart.” Sending many virtual hugs and handshakes to you all! I miss seeing you all more than I can express! And, as always, remember to be kind!

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